TEMPLATE stands for Technology-Mediated PLurilingual Activities for (language) Teacher Education.

TEMPLATE is a European project that aims at strengthening the professional competence of pre- and in-service teachers who want to fully implement the recommendations of the Council of Europe for the use of plurilingual approaches in language education.

TEMPLATE seeks to offer a professional development programme that integrates: pedagogical spects, content knowledge, and digital tools that might be applied in class.

It is intended to boost innovative practices for teacher professional development programmes in Europe from a  plurilingual perspective.

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The main target group of the project are teachers involved in FL teaching, CLIL activities and project-based learning. They will be involved in a training that integrates the pedagogical aspects with the content knowledge and the digital tools (TPACK model) that might be effectively applied in class in an innovative framework that will set the bar high in terms of innovative practices and teacher training programmes across Europe.


The findings of related SLA research will be made accessible to teachers by means of publications, conferences and thesis in order to promote researcher-teacher collaboration and teacher-research, and with the aim of involving teacher educators in the research on the current plurilingual teaching practice. 


Open educational resources will be freely available on the project website so that teachers, teacher trainers and researchers all over the world will be able to benefit from modules inspired in the project results, and designed to develop the implementation of plurilingual foreign language education.