Eventos multiplicadores


Spain, November 2021

TEMPLATE finished 2021 with a Transnational Meeting and the first Multiplier Event in Spain.

Both events were very fruitful and encouraging. Our first Transnational Meeting allowed us to see each other face-to-face for the first time and work together hand in hand.
The Multiplier Event hosted a group of 60 in-service and pre-service teachers who enjoyed in a very participative way the workshops about Plurilingualism, Mediation and teaching methodologies given by our partners.


Belgium, November 2022

TEMPLATE’s second Transnational Meeting and Multiplier event took place at the beginning of November 2022 in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium).

The TEMPLATE team had the opportunity to meet again for three days to reflect on the work done and plan the next steps in the project.
Moreover, 35 teachers, who shared their interest in plurilingualism, attended our multiplier event and had the chance to exchange opinions and experiences while creating some plurilingual and CLIL tasks.



GERMANY, LITHUANIA, SPAIN and ITALY celebrate their Regional Seminars.

130 language and CLIL teachers have attended regional seminars organised by TEMPLATE in the last year. They learnt, put their knowledge into practice and shared insights with other teachers regarding digital technology, plurilingualism and CLIL. One more time TEMPLATE puts teachers together to help them reflect on their teaching.