Disseminating TEMPLATE at the ICC Conference (Belgrade).

Our PhDs Anita Cvetkovic and Carmen Notari presented results from the webinars that the German and Spanish teams had carried out as training for our participant in-service and pre-service teachers at the ICC Conference on the 13th of May.

The webinars entitled Communicate, Connect and Collaborate: Practical Ideas on How to Design and Implement Telecollaboration in Foreign Language Education and Digital Tools for the CLIL Plurilingual Classroom: make the most of your language teaching proved to be useful and valuable for the teachers to have a better understanding of Plurilingual approaches, Telecollaboration and CLIL.

Anita and Carmen shared the results and teachers’ reflections about the webinars at the conference with the presentation: The TEMPLATE EU project: Teachers’ reflections and attitudes about a webinar-based training experience on plurilingual language learning and teaching