TEMPLATE stands for Technology-Mediated PLurilingual Activities for (language) Teacher Education.

TEMPLATE is a European project that aims at strengthening the professional competence of pre- and in-service teachers who want to fully implement the recommendations of the Council of Europe for the use of plurilingual approaches in language education.

TEMPLATE seeks to offer a professional development programme that integrates: pedagogical spects, content knowledge, and digital tools that might be applied in class.

It is intended to boost innovative practices for teacher professional development programmes in Europe from a  lurilingual

À qui s’adresse-t-il?

✼ local schools and teachers
✼ regional school offices and networks
✼ experienced and novel teachers
✼ future teachers (higher education students)
✼ teacher-educators
✼ teachers involved or interested in FL teaching, CLIL activities and project-based learning

Teacher-educators all over the world will be able to use the professional development modules to train pre-service and in-service teachers on the effective use of technologies for the implementation of plurilingual foreign language education.

Who are we?

The TEMPLATE consortium consists of five
universities across Europe:
✻ Università degli Studi di Torino (Italy)
✻ Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium)
✻ PH Swäbisch Gmünd (Germany)
✻ Vilniaus Universitetas (Lithuania)
✻ Universitat Jaume I de Castelló (Spain)

In collaboration with associated partners:
✼ FL teachers, CLIL teachers, L1 teachers working in plurilingual contexts
✼ MFL expert colleagues (DaF, FLE, ELE, Italian as L2)

Quel est notre objectif?

✻ offering a professional development
programme in:

  • innovative teaching methods
  • competence-oriented teaching and learning in FL and CLIL education
  • teachers’ digital literacy and use of ICTs (Computer-Assisted Language Learning -CALL)
  • plurilingualism approach

✻ making findings accessible to teachers by promoting collaboration between teachers and researchers, and by involving teacher-educators.

✻ bridging the gap between research on the acquisition, learning and teaching of plurilingualism and the actual teaching practice



Une expérience de formation sera proposée par le biais d’une plateforme interactivecontenant à la fois des webinaires et des activités interactives.
Les ressources éducatives de TEMPLATE seront disponibles gratuitement sur le site du projet afin qu’un plus grand nombre d’enseignant.e.s, de formateurs/-trices d’enseignant.e.s et de chercheur.e.s puissent bénéficier directement des résultats du projet


A series of modules will cover theoretical insights related to CLIL projects, MALL and ICT tools, project-based teaching/learning within the context of plurilingualism. We will take a look at case studies implemented by the teachers involved in the project to boost discussion and open a conversation on the multilingual classroom.


At the third stage, participating teachers will be challenged and coached to put theory into practice. Teachers will apply the methodologies and tools that they have been learning to their very own situations. Finally, they will submit a report summarizing their case study and will receive feedback from experts and boost their teacher-researcher development.

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