Disseminating TEMPLATE at the ICC Conference (Belgrade).

May 15, 2023 | Conferences, News

Our PhDs Anita Cvetkovic and Carmen Notari presented results from the webinars that the German and Spanish teams had carried out as training for our participant in-service and pre-service teachers at the ICC Conference on the 13th of May.

The webinars entitled Communicate, Connect and Collaborate: Practical Ideas on How to Design and Implement Telecollaboration in Foreign Language Education and Digital Tools for the CLIL Plurilingual Classroom: make the most of your language teaching proved to be useful and valuable for the teachers to have a better understanding of Plurilingual approaches, Telecollaboration and CLIL.

Anita and Carmen shared the results and teachers’ reflections about the webinars at the conference with the presentation: The TEMPLATE EU project: Teachers’ reflections and attitudes about a webinar-based training experience on plurilingual language learning and teaching